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NKU Parking Services will have new technology in all three garages. This project will be evolving throughout the summer. When you receive your new permit you will notice a black box at the bottom, this is a masked barcode. The new parking equipment will use a barcode scanner to read the barcode and open the gate. Garage attendants will be available during business hours throughout the semester to assist with the new technology. Please contact parking services with any questions or concerns.



UPDATE: Departmental Validations are being sent out, please check this flyer for additional information:

Departmental Validation


Create and effectively meet the parking and transportation demands of the University community, while providing a wide range of quality services within the scope of available resources.


Parking Services at Northern Kentucky University, along with the assistance of the Department of Public Safety are committed to providing:

  • Quality parking and related services
  • Safe and well maintained parking facilities
  • Promote policies that are customer focused, friendly and economically sound and services that support the mission of the University
  • Ensure space availability for permit holders through citation issuance

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