Purchase a Permit

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If you have not purchased a permit yet you can do so at the Parking Office; please bring your photo ID and license plate number.

If you are a current Faculty/Staff member and do not plan to renew your permit this year it is your responsibility to contact Human Resources to stop any further payroll deductions from occurring.

Student Parking Rates

Permit Rate
Semester Only $131.00
Full Year (includes summer) $220.00
Summer Only $50.00

Faculty/Staff Parking Rates

Amount of Permit
Amount of Deduction
Full-Time Monthly 12 Pay Periods/Yr
Full-Time Monthly 10 Pay Periods/Yr
Full-Time Monthly 26 Pay Periods/Yr
Part-Time Monthly 12 Pay Periods/Yr
Part-Time Biweekly 26 Pay Periods/Yr
Reserved Monthly 12 Pay Periods/Yr
Reserved Monthly 10 Pay Periods/Yr
Reserved Biweekly 26 Pay Periods/Yr
Part-Time Faculty
(Teaching 9 hrs. or less)
$52.00 per year

Did You Know?

To purchase a parking permit in office you must provide a valid photo ID and license plate number.

All students operating a motor vehicle on University property must register the vehicle with Parking Services.

It is widely believed that one can park anywhere after 6 p.m. without a permit. This is not true and many have incurred fines because of it.

Parking Services issues citations at all times with the exception of "out of zone" citations which are issued until 6 p.m.